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About Cappo Racing | Ford Mustang Drag Racing Team

About Cappo Racing | Ford Mustang Drag Racing Team

A Short Story Of Our Drag Racing Endeavors and Beginnings

The Original Cappo Racing Mustang In Black Paint Launching At AtcoHi everyone my name is David Cappolina and I am the owner / driver of the Cappo Racing x275 - Ultra Drag Radial Mustang.

I personally have come a long way in the race world from my first pass ever down the drag strip.

Throughout the years and I canít even begin to say thank you to everyone that helped or taught me to get me Iím at today; My family, friends, sponsors, and of course my BEAUTIFUL wife and loving daughter.

Our flamed Blue / Green Index Mustang At Cecil CountyA lot of people will remember from 07 when we started in the 8.50 index with our flamed blue and green mustang. At that time my brother was the driver and I was his crew chief.

That year alone I had some of the best times learning about suspension and nitrous tuning to move forward with our racing agenda as we grew. In 2009 we decided to take a break from series racing and got into some grudge racing with a new car.

In 2010 we started racing 10.00 index and we had a blast. Again another positive experience with a great index style series racing that was a lot of fun. At the end of the day though I wanted to start going faster again and x275 was somewhat of a new class at the time and I wanted to start heads up racing. That begin the transformation of the car from what it was to what you see today; the Cappo Racing ďAtomic OrangeĒ 1992 fox body Mustang.

Dave Cappolina Racing At Atco Raceway In The Atomic Orange MustangWith the help of everyone we knew we had our hands full to get the car ready to run in this new class and give us the ability to switch between X275 and more classes if needed.

The Mustang was revised with new suspension, transmission, weight reductions, new nitrous system, all new electronics, wheels and tires. This year with the help of Anthony at DiSomma Racing Engines we built a new 427ci small block Ford with a multi-stage nitrous system and hope to come out with a great car.

Thanks again for visiting our website and stay tuned for our upcoming Drag Radial racing news updates and some cool new photos and videos as the 2012 racing season progresses.

Photos Courtesy of Seth Cohen "GoneDragRacing.com" and Mark "goDragRacing.org"

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