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Cappo Racing | X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Race News

Cappo Racing | X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Race News

Cappo Racing will be featuring comprehensive updates of our racing in the various series that apply to our car and sponsors. A blog style format to keep you aprised of all our racing and news from the world of X275 and Ultra Drag Radial.

Cappo Racing Invites You To Join Us In Ultra Street Drag Radial In 2014

Dave Cappolina - 2/4/2014

Cappo Racing is diving head first into the thrilling heads up Ultra Street Drag Radial class now a part of Atco Raceway's Schedule of the "Outlaws At Atco" race series along with the Saturday Street Car Shootout as we have always ben a part of. This year we've added to our schedule the new dates for 2014. We look forward to having you come see us in action with the "Atomic Orange" Mustang. Follow us by checking our latest Schedule Here

Big Thanks to Anthony DiSomma "Anthony DiSomma Racing Engines" also for getting us a new Edelbrock "Qwik Data" set-up so we can now log information, a big plus for us since our program will now be better able to fine tune to the thousandths of a second, Again Anthony "Thank You" !!

If you're interested, see the latest 2014 Ultra Street Drag Radial Rules Here

Bumping Up The Cubic Inches In Our Drag Radial Mustang

Dave Cappolina - 6/11/2013

Cappo Racing: We are not totally sure what cause it as we having some other issues all going on being the first time out for the year. We were thinking the fuel solenoid on the nitrous kit turned off or went haywire and leaned the car out. Then we were thinking maybe some timing issues and the grid not working properly. Then we went on to thinking that it was too much fuel and something went wrong with the regulator. So at the end we really don't know but this piston was the worst and the we had another 3 pistons mess up the ringlands and we burnt a rod and needed to re-valve and clean up cylinder 3 on the head. so after taking it apart and seeing the other pistons messed up that is when we decided to just go a little bigger to 434 cubic inches and get all new pistons and rings to start fresh with a new Induction Solutions Sledge Hammer Nitrous Plate System also.

Cappo Racing Small Block Ford Drag Radial Mustang's Piston Melted bad

The burned nitrous piston made way for us to add more cubic inches

Our First Outing At Cecil County Ultra 275 Drag Radial

Dave Cappolina - 4/6/2013

Our first outing of the prominent east coast racing venue at Cecil County Dragway began, the well known now as the "Saturday Street Car Shootout" series we prepared to run in the competitive "Ultra 275 Drag Radial" which is new to us but with our first pass during qualifying we were sitting with the number one qualifier status with a very soft 5.24 @ 133 just wanting to get from point "A" to Point "B" and be in the show.

Round two we couldn't better our numbers as others moved ahead of us in the ladder as we were still soft on the tune. As we were heading to the semi finals broken we couldn't make the call as a ground strap was not placed on our number 3 cylinder we had been hurting the motor and have as of this writing not torn it down but we expect a hole in this piston.

Time wouldn't allow us to replace the slug if burnt at the track so we watched from the sidelines as the race finished, We would have had to face in our missed round the eventual winner Todd Geisler.

Todd Giesler 5.08 @ 136 took the win over John Keesey 6.46 @ 83 in the final of Ultra 275 Drag Radial. We have included some videos for our fans of the passes. Enjoy !!

Refresh And Upgrades To Our Drag Radial Mustang

Dave Cappolina - 1/26/2013

Cappo Racing had a Freshen up the motor with new rings and bearings getting it ready for some shots of Nitrous this coming year.

We also added on a MSD crank trigger ignition on it to help keep the timing where it needs to be when running the classes.

Taking out the old ignition we installed the new msd power grid ignition for a lot more tunability and ease of engine management

A new Moroso Three Vane Vacuum pump setup should add some horsepower and help the rings live a bit longer. Stay tuned since we have also added more photos to our Gallery of the Cappo Racing Mustang in its finest form, pleasing the crowd and getting looks !!

Cappo Racing Small Block Ford X275 Ultra Street Drag Radial Motor Freshen

New MSD Power Grid 7 Ignition

It's A Setup! How To Prepare Your Suspension For The Track With Cappo Racings Mustang Featured In Race Pages

Dave Cappolina - 11/28/2012

Cappo Racing is proud to have been fatured in an all inclusive article for Race Pages Magazine, a ProMedia Production where setting up a race car suspension is gone through with a fine tooth comb.

How To Prepare Your Suspension For The Track With Cappo Racings Mustang Featured In Race PagesOur mustang is the lead in and is part of many of the technical based shots with close ups and more in depth explanations not only of the how to's but the why's? which give many racers a complete utline for a drag radial car and more. This is one of our finest examples of Cappo Racing moving forward.

This is the first of two articles on doing a chassis setup. It is a companion piece to a couple of articles than ran in the August and September issues. In those volumes, we discussed rear axle alignment (August) and taking corner weights (September). Rather than restate those lessons, we'll simply refer to them.

Tuning a drag racing suspension is a study in energy management. The energy we're concerned with is the torque level at the crank flange. Many racers know this number after having the engine run on a dyno.

We then have to match that torque with a chassis setup that will keep the rear tires happy and the car's nose aimed at the finishline.

See The Complete Story On Race Pages Here

Awesome Drag Radial Mustang Wheelie | Atco Raceway

Dave Cappolina - 5/16/2012

Cappo Racing Drag Radial Mustang Awesome Wheelie Photos By Seth CohenJust after installing the DiSomma Racing engines small block Ford "See The Video Here", Anthony had mentioned we may want to put some wheelie bars on this car as this motor has quite a bit more power. Anthony DiSomma wasn't wrong.

Our first outing with this engine put the X275 / Ultra drag radial mustang in to an almost on the bumper "Awesome Wheelie". Now we know the fans love them but I surely wasn't expecting this to be as big as it was.

With just a few inches away from ripping off my bumper cover off, the Cappo Racing Drag Radial Mustang just kept heading airborne as it traveled out of the beams at Atco Raceways "Super Saturday".

GoneDragRacing.com photographer "Seth Cohen" caught the whole sequence from start to finish in high quality. These close up looks give fans of this class something to appreciate.

Cappo Racing Drag Radial Mustang Awesome Wheelie Photos By Seth Cohen

Cappo Racing Drag Radial Mustang Awesome Wheelie Photos By Seth Cohen

Cappo Racing Drag Radial Mustang Awesome Wheelie Photos By Seth Cohen

Cappo Racing Drag Radial Mustang Awesome Wheelie Photos By Seth Cohen

Cappo Racing Drag Radial Mustang Awesome Wheelie Photos By Seth Cohen

Cappo Racing Drag Radial Mustang Awesome Wheelie Photos By Seth Cohen

Engine Back From DiSomma Racing

Dave Cappolina - 4/25/2012

With our DiSomma Racing Engines small block ford ready to have all the parts put back on we thought we'd be ready for Cecil County Dragways opening day for the street car shootout. That didn't happen as we had some oil pan issues and header clearance problems since we took a kick out pan but we run motor mounts, not engine plates which just wouldn't work. All seems to fit nicely now and the engine should be in the car before May 1st and running.

enclosed trailer modificationsenclosed trailer modifications

New Floor In The Enclosed Trailer

Dave Cappolina - 4/23/2012

Getting ahold of a new enclosed trailer, of course we wanted to customize it as much as we can, the trailer was pretty much empty so in with a wood floor with carpeting. Towing the Drag Radial Mustang around in class as we continue to add more to it, cabinets, air conditioning, shelves and so on!!

enclosed trailer modificationsenclosed trailer modifications

enclosed trailer modificationsenclosed trailer modifications

Gary Markwich Mustang Lower Valence Installed

Dave Cappolina - 4/18/2012

In an effort to move some air around the front of the Mustang, I ordered up a Gary Markwich Mustang Lower Valence for the Cappo Racing X275 - Ultra Drag Radial fox body mustang and chose to have it bonded on instead of the rivet or fastener method. I like the clean look of my front end and with some minor bracing already in place it should do its job. Maaco of Delran installed it and matched my paint to the exact color again. Images of the final job done; now working on getting the engine back into the car for some track testing and finishing up the trailer.

Gary Markwich Mustang Lower Valence Left Side ViewGary Markwich Mustang Lower Valence Front ViewGary Markwich Mustang Lower Valence Right Side View

New X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Website

Dave Cappolina - 3/4/2012

We're starting out the year on a high note, first we had our "Cappo Racing" logo redone for 2012 and decided we'd go a little further and get a complete website. We asked Mark from goDragRacing.org (WTF Web Design) to build us something sopisticated yet "Brawny".

Mark says we have all the good stuff inside this thing like valid XHTML, CSS and JQuery Menus / sliders, custom patterns and two kinds of Lytebox's for pictures to show off our Mustang when we hit the track this year with a fresh DiSomma Racing Engines (Another website in the works by Mark) 427 SBF on nitrous. Mark also did the logo and put it into our top image with a cool nitrous plate that he drew in photoshop.

Our new logo is going on our team hats by "Wendy Mitchell of Park Ave Embroidery and Screen Printing 1-888-620-8080" and she's on Facebook too with goDragRacing Mark.

Browse around our website on our opening day as we decide to start up a Facebook page of our own, share us on Facebook, Twitter and other social media like forums and we'll surely appreciate it, the buttons are right above our sponsors; you can even e-mail this website to a friend.

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